Compilation of Han Geng’s Awards Since he went Solo 

Compilation of Han Geng’s Awards Since he went Solo ~ 28 of them already!

– Starting from his first performance as an solo artist in China on April 11th 2010

** T/N: I’ve only listed all the awards he won; I couldn’t keep track of all the awards he was nominated for

20100411 <Meng Niu Sour Yogurt Music Billboard> Ten Year Celebration
Won “<Meng Niu Sour Yogurt Music Billboard> Ten Year Celebration New Music Power Award”

20100821 CCTV <Happy Celebration>
Won “Children’s Favorite Male Singer”

20101018 The 10th CCTV-MTV Music Awards Ceremony
Won “Most Popular Mainland Male Singer”

20101127 Shanghai Star Fashion Ceremony
Won “Avant-garde Movie Cast of the Year”

20101219 The 3rd Music Billboard New Comers’ Ceremony
Won “New Comer King of the Year”

20101229 QQ Star Awards Ceremony
Won “Male Singer of the Year”

20110108 China Fashion Influence Ceremony
Won “Most Fashionable Talent Singer”

20110119 Year 2010 Baidu Entertainment Hottest Awards
Won “Golden Song of the Year – My Logo”

20110719 Sina Online Awards Ceremony
Won “2010 Male Singer of the Year”

20110121 Sprite Music Charts
Won “Best Mainland Male Singer”
Won “My Favorite Popular Idol (Mainland)”
Won “Mainland Golden Song – Heartache Notebook”

20110216 CCTV My favorite Spring Festival Gala Performance Awards
Won “Dance Category – 2nd Place”

20110301 Hua Ding Movie Festical
Won “Most Anticipated Chinese Movie Actor”

2011019 The 18th Eastern Music Billboard
Won “All Around Artist of the Year”
Won “Top 10 Golden Songs of the Year – My Logo”

20110403 Singapore 1003 Pop Music Chart
Won “Song of the Year – My Logo”

20110409 The 1st Global Music Gold Chart
Won “Most Popular New Comer of the Year”
Won “Top 20 Golden Songs of the Year
à T/N: The Singapore 1003 Award was presented here hence there will be news claiming he won 3 awards in this ceremony

20110411 The 11th Meng Niu Sour Yogurt Music Billboard
Won “Most Popular Male Singer of the Year”

20110415 Global Chinese Music Chart
Won “Most Popular Male Singer of the Year”

20110424 Music Radio China Top Chart
Won “Most Popular Mainland New Comer”
Won “All Around Mainland Artist of the Year”
Won “Top 15 Golden Songs of the Year – Say No”

Total of 24 Awards Won, including 1 movie award, 1 fashion award and 1 Spring Gala award

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20110505 L’OFFICIEL HOMMES Fashion Star Award Ceremony
Won Music Scene New Power award

20110624 2011 China Mobile 5th Wireless Music Migu Exhange Ceremony
Won “Artiste of The Year”
Won “Singer Who’s the Most Popular Search Term of the Year”

20110819 LUX 2011 Fashion Power Awards & Fashion Weekly 5th Anniversary Celebration
Won “Asian Idol of The Year”

20111111 2nd New York Chinese Film Festival
Won “Asian’s Most Popular Artist”

20111204 Beijing Entertainment’s 10 Years of Influential Power Award Ceremony
Won “Most Popular Idol Singer”

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Mystery of Han Geng’s signature solved ?

Mystery of Han Geng’s signature solved?

I don’t know about you guys, but I always wondered what that scribble on top of the “Han Geng” say and what the star thingy was for. I had always chalked the star as having to do with the stars on the Chinese flag… but today, some evidence came up and geng fans in China has developed a new, much more convincing speculation about his signature! The key word? Hesperus.

Here’s a diagram with the explanation =)

Why the sudden enlightenment, you may ask. It all started with this post in weibo.

See orgianl post

The girl was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to ask Han Geng for an autograph and according to her, “Han Geng said there is a five pointed star in his autograph, because his name “Geng” came from Hesperus – 长庚星 (Chang Geng Xing)! So his new album name “Geng xin” also has that meaning.”

T/N 星(Xing) means Star and, 心(Xin) means heart has pretty much the same pronunciation in Chinese.

As the weibo spread some Chinese Geng fans realized hey, the scribble, doesn’t it say “Chang?” (as in Chang Geng Xing or Hesperus)? So in his auto graph he has Hesperus, Chang Geng Xing in it! “Chang” as the scribble, “Geng” in his name and “Xing” (star) as the hand drawn star scribble.

So for those of you who are like Hesperus? What?!? Here’s the Wikipedia page for it Wiki Hesperus. Basically, Hesperus is the “evening star”, as it’s Venus in the evening. If you interested in the whole mythological story behind Hesperus, the wiki page is great reading material =)

Han Geng also talked about the Hesperus meaning behind his name in the Golden Hall of Fame Radio Interview all the way back in August (starting @3:00). His grandpa named him Geng or Hesperus, the first star to shine in the evening in hopes that he will shine in his life. In the interview he also explained about his logo. The HG does not only stand for Han Geng but also Hesperus and Galaxy. It was also mentioned in the end of the segment that his grandpa wishes him to name his son “Qi Ming” which is Venus in the morning, the first star that shines in the day. Funnily in English “Qi Ming Xing” is Lucifer Wiki Lucifer. A prediction of the little devil that his son is going to be because Genny spoiled him silly?

So who here want’s to be little Lucifer’s mommy hehe =))

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Han Geng Birthday Project 2012


1. Ticket Stubs
We’re collecting My Kingdom ticket stubs from all over the world where My Kingdom was released and putting them together to give to Han Geng! This is so that we can show him how international fans from various countries supported the first movie which he starred in and the beginnings of him fulfilling his acting dreams. He can keep the collection of international ticket stubs as a souvenier; we think he’ll love it, judging from how he eagerly kept that ticket stub he got in Indonesia during Dahsyat.

We understand that a lot of you want to keep your ticket stubs as mementos too, but we really hope that as many as possible can participate with the actual ticket stubs because it really would be a meaningful gift. You can take a photo of the stub(s) and keep the photo as your memento? Or maybe take a good color scan to keep.

If absolutely necessary, we’re open to accepting good colour-printed scans that look really similar to the real thing, but we really would prefer the actual stubs otherwise it loses authenticity. Sad

We’re hoping to get ticket stubs from as many countries as possible, and if your country had it showing in various cinemas, a range of stubs from different cinemas would be awesome.
The plan is to put the ticket stubs together into some kind of picture and frame it, but we’ll probably only be able to know exactly what picture we’re making after we get all the stubs.

To get the mailing address to send your ticket stubs to, please contact Shan, username abcdehs on the forum by sending a pm, or email to at

2. Postcards
We’re also collecting postcards from all over the world! The postcards must be the tourist-ish kind that reflects your country’s scenery, or food, or lifestyle. All the postcards will likely be put together in something like a scrapbook.

You may write a short message to Han Geng on it wishing him a happy birthday, or telling him some of the cool things about your country, or something related to what is on the postcard on the back of the postcards. Remember to keep it short (maybe about 100-150 words maximum) and try not to squeeze too much text on one postcard and make sure your pen or marker does not smudge.

We will be translating non-chinese messages into Chinese. There is no restriction on the language you can use for your message, but if you write anything that is not Chinese or English that is not explained in your message, please also include a note with what it means in English, because we are only confident of translating from English.

You may also do a drawing or something if you do not want to write a message, or you may even keep it plain, but if you really have nothing to say we encourage at least writing a line saying happy birthday and where you come from. Feel free to approach Shan (abcdehs) or Mi (onewhomust) for suggestions if you really have no idea what to put.

DO NOT post the postcards to us on their own, the stamps and chops and our staff’s address will be on the postcards that way. Please put them into an envelope to post all together.

You are encouraged to send multiple postcards of a variety of designs. Please try not to send more than one postcard of the exact same design, and keep the total number of postcards per person to around ten and below.

We reserve the right to screen through the postcard messages and reject those that we feel are inappropriate, if necessary.

We hope as many people from as many countries as possible can take part Smile

Again, to get the mailing address to send your postcards to, please contact Shan, username abcdehs on the geng-bao forum by sending a pm, or email to at

3. Thank you birthday video
Last year we did a video of an international version of Wings of Love, and this year we’ve decided to do another video project! This time it will be a thank you video, to tell Han Geng thank you for the various things we’ve gained in our lives because of him. We’re accepting entries in the form of 1) videos of yourselves talking about what you’re thankful to him for, 2) voice-only entries for people who are uncomfortable with showing their faces, and 3) videos with you holding up signs in front of the camera that say what you’re thankful for, for those who are not confident of speaking in front of the camera. Please try to keep the video message very short so that we can include as many entries as possible.

You may record the videos/voice recordings in groups, but please make sure that the video image and sound is as clear as possible with minimal background noise. Also do make sure the background that you’re filming against is appropriate.

Again, we reserve the right to screen through entries and reject those we feel are appropriate, if necessary.

Submit your entries by email to geng.bao at

4. Charity
As always, we’re also going to be donating to a charity, most likely an international one. Details of the charity are still being worked out; we will update when possible.

Deadline for all: Tentatively by the end of December 2011.

Thank you!

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110826 (pic) hangeng – at Audi RS Spyder VIP Night

tanggal 26 agustus kemaren hangeng tampil di audi RS Spyder VIP Night. ini beberapa photo hangeng saat tampil di acara itu >>

my first post from a long time ^^

Aneyong yeorubun ^^

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Aku akan berusaha meng.update tentang uri chineseprince koko hangeng.

Aku tau, untuk menemukan info koko itu sangat sulit sekarang, tapi aku akan terus berusaha mencari dari berbagai sumber dan share ke kalian pembaca setia chineseprince.

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Hangeng’s Promotional Poster

Hangeng’s Promotional Poster Black Version^^

Ah~ keliatan keren banget tuh poster. Water splashnya match banget pake warna red fire^^

Hangeng looks so hot there O________o


Hangeng’s Solo Concert

Hangeng bakalan ngelaksanain konser solo pertama dia tahun depan. Tepatnya tanggal 17 & 18 juli 2010 di North Exhibition Theater 北展剧场, Beijing.  Konser Hangeng ini bertemakan Geng Xin, yang bisa berarti Geng’s Heart tapi juga bisa New Geng. Tiketnya sendiri lumayan mahal, wkwk~ untuk VIP RMB 1680, RMB 1280, RMB 980, RMB680, and RMB380. Ho~ Moga aja konser ini sukse besar dan ElF ataupun Geng Fans akan memenuhi bangku penonton^^

Untuk hall atau tempat yang bakal di pake Han bisa dilihat di bawah ini.

Source: Gengfan’s Blog + Baidu
Shared by: Zunjiwu @ SJ-WORLD.NET